Katherine + Numair

The Feature Film of Katherine and Numair

We are so excited to share the Feature Film of Katherine and Numair. What a beautiful celebration of love, family and friends combined with the many beautiful traditions of a South Asian Wedding. We couldn’t be happier for the lovely couple and their newly joined families.

A traditional Pakistani wedding is not jus the joyous event for the bride and groom but also a tie between two families which builds a new or make a stronger existing relationship between both sides of groom and bride.

The beautiful Mehndi Ceremony was held at Wynlakes Golf & Country Club where all family and friends gathered to celebrate. The Shaadi followed the next day at the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel in Montgomery, AL. We witnessed the Serah Bandi ceremony and a festive Baraat where the groom enters in a white horse carriage accompanied with alot of dancing. A festive evening of family, friends and special dances followed by an energetic party where guests danced the night away!

Words cannot describe the unforgettable moments we experienced shooting this cheerful ceremony. From the joyous drum beating “Baraat” procession to the beautiful dazzling outfits. A festive colorful affair filled with extraordinary fun merriments and celebrations.

Wedding Filmmaker: Catherine Vargas Films
Groom's Family: Dr. and Mrs. Tahir
Photographer: Ruzin Mirza Cunningham
Wedding Coordinator: Mozart Entertainments
DJ: Mozart Entertainments DJ Sameer
Dholi: Jasmeet Singh
Dancer: Dilara
Music License: Musicbed

The Mehndi Ceremony at Wynlakes Golf & Country Club

Nikah - The Renaissance Hotel & Spa in Montgomery, Alabama

The Wedding Teaser

Catherine Vargas