Kristin & Mamadou’s

Film Status

Your Wedding film is in the hands of experienced storyteller-editor and colorist, check back to
see what stage of editing your film is in and to see some updated notes as we edit!


Step 1

Safeguarding Your Footage

1. Your footage is safely backed up onto two hard drives the next day of your wedding.
2. Upon arrival to our editing suite, your footage is backed up again onto two additional drives before we begin editing.
3. As I edit, your film projects are mirrored.

Step 2


1. Your footage is organized for me to comb through for the best moments
2. Your wedding teaser is in process
3. Your wedding teaser is delivered
4. Your Ceremony and Toasts are synced
5. If your package includes:
Ceremony/Toasts/Doc. Edit, they will be edited in this stage


Step 3

Story Crafting

1. I review the audio from your day looking for key dialogue to build the story of your film.
2. I search for the project song(s) that match you and your day.
3. Your Highlight Film is pieced together shot by shot, scene by scene to form your story


Step 4


1. Your footage is color corrected, shot by shot
2. Your sound mix is balanced
3. Additional effects are added.

Notes from the Editor